Azul’s Tuslob-Buwa: On Food, Music and Brains

With his biting witticisms, great music and extraordinary food, Ian Sekong, the dreadlocked owner of Azul and drummer of the popular band Powerspoonz, seems to have figured it all out. Azul, a garage-turned-diner along Gorordo Avenue, has been attracting curious visitors and food savants alike for quite some time now. And, we simply just cannot get enough of its spicier and cleaner version of the popular tuslob-buwa.




Tuslob-buwa is not exactly a newcomer in the street food arena in Cebu. I remember hearing about it first in Pasil and Ermita several years ago. Back then, all you needed to pay for was the puso (colloquially called “hanging rice” for obvious reasons) and you had to share the same kawa of boiling soup of pig brains, liver, shrimps and some spices with some snotty kid from school or some drooling drunk from only God knew where. We didn’t mind back then. However, Hepatitis B got too real to ignore, and tuslob-buwa lost many of its patrons since then.


Azul reinvented the whole concept and packaged it right for the pickier and germophobic food aficionados in the city. Each customer is given his own burner, a wok, a bowl of pig brain stock, lard, some spices and there he has his instant tuslob-buwa without the usual paranoia that comes with the experience.


The success — or failure — of your tuslob-buwa experience solely lies in you as you have to do the cooking yourself. Azul simply provides the ingredients. Cooking it is relatively easy. It is just  a matter of sauteing and boiling all the ingredients in one wok — and hoping God is especially kind to you this time than He usually is.


…pig brain stock…
…onions, shrimp paste, liver and lard…
…puso aka hanging rice…


  1. Melt lard in a hot wok.


2. Saute onions in lard.


3. Add in liver and shrimp paste.


4. Pour in the pig-brain stock and heat soup until the desired texture is achieved.


Azul seems to have all the necessary recipes for an ideal barkada nightout. Food. Music. Booze. Company. What else would you ask for? The staffers are nice and warm. They are friendly and helpful — or, so says the shirt.


An Azul tuslob-buwa dining escapade is absolutely a unique experience. The clever blend of its classy branding and the casual ambiance wins the heart of both the corps d’elite and the hoi polloi.




Azul’s tuslob-buwa is only for Php 99. Azul also has sisig, siomai, itlog na maalat and many others. Tuslob-buwa is the royal mark of a true Cebuano. Tuslob-buwa is definitely an entry in your should-not-miss list when you get the chance to visit the island. Choose Pinoy first. Also try Ekit’s pochero and our favorite suki‘s balut.

Azul Map
From Google Maps







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